Welcome to Shantha Vasantha Trust

While we are perceptive of our gratitude towards parents and Guru, we often miss sight of indebtedness to society and environment. We enjoy many facilities like schools, hospitals, roads, drinking water, power supply etc. but fail to notice generosity of the philanthropists who provided them. Even in the case of public institutions, let us remind ourselves that government emerges from society, which made us what we are today. Some of us realize the obligation towards society and strive to make it more healthy, hearty, enlightened, harmonious, imaginative, innovative, caring and livable, but get hampered in their efforts for want of support and succor. Shantha-Vasantha Trust is an endeavor to help those well-intentioned humans. It is using this platform to get itself acquainted with such efforts.



Depending on their ability and commitment, activities related to education, health, and culture will be encouraged and support will be given to the extent possible.